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The Visual Journal is a powerful tool that connects to a place of healing and transformation, that helps us self-educate about different materials and work with a variety of techniques of mixed media – all in the format of a journal.

The Binding of the Journal, the work inside it thereafter, the gentle guidance of a trustworthy instructor – allow us to go through processes of growth and healing, and even light up a spark of joy and passion.

I developed the “Visual Journey Journaling” technique to let you reconnect with parts of you that dream and fulfill, parts of you that are joyous.

Join one of my digital courses, face to face workshops, or one of my trips around the world. We’ll set out for a journey in the magical world of Visual Journaling.

Join me digital course, we journey to the magical world of visual journal.

  Hi ! my name is Rakefet Hadar

We are all born artists

Seven years ago, I discovered the Visual Journal and it changed my life, it brought so much joy and reconnected me to an abyss of creativity that had been waiting to be revealed!

I developed the “Visual Journal Journaling” technique to help as many people as possible encounter the power of creation, to reconnect with their passion, joy and healing strengths.

My method is built upon seven simple elements – Intention, Magical coincidence, Background, Image, Color, Line, and Text.

I teach my method in different ways: through trips I organize, online courses and frontal face-to-face workshops. I also published a book last year that consolidates all my knowledge, many exercises and pieces from my own private journal.

I invite you to join me on a journey in the Visual Journal!


Layers of meaning- Elements of Visual Journaling

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Digital courses

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One of the best ways to study my method of the 7 elements of visual journaling is through digital courses.

Here you could enjoy my courses and start creating!

From the Blog

Inner Dream Houses Stencils released!!

Inner Dream Houses Stencils released!!

The new “Inner dream houses” set of stencils by Rakefet Hadar & StencilGirl products.
Beautiful innovative stencils designed to be used from any direction.
you can create stunning work of art with many materials and techniques.

Soft Coptic stitch binding

Soft Coptic stitch binding

My Easy technique of soft coptic stitch binding with water color heavy paper.Its great for visual journaling and so fun to create.



Materials we will use Water soluble markers watercolor paper 250 gr black pilot


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